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ChargeUrself- Smart Solutions for Smart Lives

Welcome to ChargeUrself, we know that smartphones are essential to your everyday lives. It serves as your essential point of contact with modern technology. However, the more we use our phone, the faster its battery drains.  ChargeUrself is here to address this challenge. We ensure you stay in touch and use services without unnecessary stress and restrictions.

Utility Services for Modern Living- What You Can Rent it

ChargeUrself- Your Primary Point of Contact with Digital Technology

ChargeUrself understands that your smartphone is your lifeline. Our line of equipment, the Machines “Charge!” II Generation provides power banks for any demand. With the number of batteries ranging from 4 to 50 in an automatic machine. That’s what we mean when we offer solutions to various needs.

Facilitating Technological Solutions

We aim to provide technological solutions for daily smartphone usage. This eliminates the fear and stress of users regarding staying in contact. Our services offer:

  • The opportunity to conduct transactions.
  • No interruption in content consumption.
  • Seamless communication with work and loved ones.

For Customers

As a customer, you can experience numerous advantages from ChargeUrself. We are going to redefine the way you stay connected in the digital age:

  • Care for the Client in a Critical Situation: Life is full of unexpected moments. In such challenging situations where your phone is about to die, ChargeUrself provides a reliable solution. We ensure you can navigate difficulties without the added stress of a low battery.
  • Receive Additional Profit: Now, you can unlock the potential for additional income streams by becoming a ChargeUrself user. We believe in rewarding our customers, and with ChargeUrself, you stay charged and earn valuable rewards.
  • Attract Additional Clientele: As a ChargeUrself user, you become part of a community that values convenience and seamless connectivity. Attract more people to your network by showcasing your commitment to staying connected and making smart choices.

For Participating Locations

ChargeUrself can also boost your establishment. It can provide a modern solution to enhance customer experience and drive business growth. Here’s how we can do it:

  • A Modern Solution to Enhance Customer Experience: When you integrate ChargeUrself into your establishment. We can offer some advanced solutions that enhance the overall customer experience. Stay ahead of the competition by providing a service that aligns with your patrons’ fast-paced, digital lifestyle.
  • Increased Foot Traffic and Customer Loyalty: By implementing ChargeUrself at your location, you will not just meet a need. There’s more for you. It attracts more customers and keeps them coming back. Experience increased foot traffic as people seek out your establishment for the convenience and loyalty-building benefits of ChargeUrself.

We are the regional leader in power bank sharing. We offer a unique experience and expertise, enabling steady and profitable operation. So, invest in ChargeUrself and be a part of the future of convenient, on-the-go charging solutions.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is flexible, starting at $3 for a 24-hour rental. Tariffs may vary by location, so check the application for current prices.

How to use it?

Simply install our application, select your location, choose a power bank, and proceed with the rental. The app provides a user-friendly experience for seamless charging.

Where can I find charging stations?

We are currently operating all over Canada. Use our app to locate nearby charging stations quickly.

What cables are included?

Our power banks come with various cables, including Type-C, Micro USB, and iPhone connectors, ensuring compatibility with multiple devices.

How safe is a power bank?

We prioritize safety. Our power banks undergo regular maintenance, and safety features are integrated to protect the device and the user.

How do you return the power bank to the machine?

Simply return the power bank to any ChargeUrself! Machine or station. Our user-friendly app guides the return process.