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Founder of “Charge Your Self!”

ChargeUrself is completely aware that smartphones are essential in this era of modern technology. They serve as a vital point of contact for people now. However, the more we use our phone, the faster its battery drains. So what should we do in such a situation? ChargeUrself is here to address this issue for you.

Why should you choose us? So, here are some of our services that will surely convince you why you should use ChargeUrself in this modern life:

We take pride in our commitment to environmental responsibility through our innovative “EcoService.” ChargeUrself is equipped with power banks that undergo constant service maintenance. This ensures they operate at their maximum capacity for extended cycles. We understand the environmental impact of lithium-ion technology, and to mitigate this, we have a solution: Our stations are equipped with dedicated compartments for collecting used batteries.

1.5 million

total number of “Take Charge!” users

+146% per year

>26 thousand

active users every day

+159% per year

>10 thousand

stations in 80+ cities and 3 countries” users

+159% per year

1.5 million

total number of “Take Charge!” users

+146% per year

Become part of the largest powerbank sharing network on the European continent


No lump sum or additional payments


Personal account manager & technical support


Share experience & contacts of network partners


Online sales training with a mentor


We work with projects of any level