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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is flexible, starting at $3 for a 24-hour rental. Tariffs may vary by location, so check the application for current prices.

How to use it?

Simply install our application, select your location, choose a power bank, and proceed with the rental. The app provides a user-friendly experience for seamless charging.

Where can I find charging stations?

We are currently operating all over Canada. Use our app to locate nearby charging stations quickly.

What cables are included?

Our power banks come with various cables, including Type-C, Micro USB, and iPhone connectors, ensuring compatibility with multiple devices.

How safe is a power bank?

We prioritize safety. Our power banks undergo regular maintenance, and safety features are integrated to protect the device and the user.

How do you return the power bank to the machine?

Simply return the power bank to any ChargeUrself! Machine or station. Our user-friendly app guides the return process.

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